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PhilosophY & Mission


At START, we believe in creating an environment where the focus is entirely on training and want our players to be able to immerse themselves in the game completely. We do this by using all the natural resources our academy has access to, often using the surrounding natural terrain to train. We connect with nature and keep other distractions at bay.

We have a very specific way of training, a formula put together by our two head coaches, Ritwik Bhattacharya and Stephan Galifi. We work on creating a good foundation in technique and movement, before delving into more advanced aspects of the game. Technique, squash-specific fitness, tactics and tournament preparation are the four pillars of our training program. 

START creates a environment that is as close to a high-level tournament as possible. Players stay and train in the same vicinity. We are currently working on an expansion project, so that each player has his/her own space, and all their nutritional needs are fully taken care of. 

Training at START is a two-way street. The coaches and staff give their very best, and this is exactly what we expect in return from our players.

Our proximity to nature means that we have access to building players as people, not only as players. At START, players engage with locals, train with them, and learn about their way of life. Players have taken part in various activities, such as helping out at Kalote Animal Trust and engaging in a cleaning drive around the hills. 

START takes an entirely all-inclusive approach. We train all our players with the same level of intensity. 


START is keen to provide equal opportunity, assistance and training to everyone, regardless of age and gender. This includes players from rural areas, both Kalote-Mokashi village itself as well as the villages that surround it. We have sent players of various ages, both boys and girls, to various tournaments around India and they have all done very well. 


We want to bring the very best out of our players, and have them perform at the highest levels of the game. That being said, our mission is simple:

We want to create India's first World Champion. 

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